Welcome to Classy Collection. We provide home decor to make your living space look and feel even better. 

We have extensive connections of obtaining all the high quality fabric and we take pride in our excellent worksmanship. 

Therefore, we not only sell beautiful curtain and bedding sets, but also sell handcrafted tablecloths, pillow covers, bedding, cute items.

Many items on our website can be custom made according to your measurements.


People sleep 8 hrs a day which is 1/3 of 24 hrs. You basically spend 1/3 of your life time in bed so the quality of your bedding set is important and is worth to invest in a good bedding to treat yourself well.

For hygiene purpose, it is recommended to change your duvet cover periodically.

The most important thing is that the we provide custom made items in afforable prices so all of our customers can enjoy our beautiful products. 

We also strive to give the best service we can and make shopping on our website easy and secure. 

 Some merchandises have different pricing in different countries. For example, Harvoni, is the newly discovered wonder drug for Hepatitis C. Marketed by pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences, it has more than 95% cure rate. This important drug costs only $56138 in the UK, while in US, consumers need to pay $94500. The price in US is almost double than the same drug sold in UK. Is it fair to the patients in the UK? We don’t think so. Car prices in US and Canada are also different. For example, BMW 535i xDrive Sedan costs $49600 in the US, while it costs $68900 in Canada. Is it fair for Canadian to pay $19300 (68900 - 49600 = 19300) more to buy the same car? We don’t think so.

In Classy Collection, we believe that consumers should pay the same amount of money for the same product. Therefore, no matter which country you are, the price you pay is the same. You can also select the currency. If you are from Canada, please choose Canadian dollar so you are billed by Canadian dollars. If you are from Australia, please choose Australian dollars. If you are from the UK, please choose British pound. Please note that some credit cards charge international transaction fees. To avoid paying the international transaction fees, look for a credit card provider that does not charge fees for exchanging foreign currency.


What kinds of shoppers will love our website?


If you are looking for unique designed products at an affordable price, you are coming to the right place. We provide high quality and absolutely beautiful products. Please keep in mind that when purchasing items from a website, it is the buyer’s responsibility to read the size stated in the description and measure your own windows and beds to make sure the product is the perfect size for you. If the size is not what you need, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs when it is possible. Therefore, if you know how to use a measurement tape to get the accurate measurements, you will love our website.


 Important - Please note the following:

 Unlike a retail store, you cannot touch the items before making a purchase. Therefore, we try to provide the product description and product pictures to help you decide. The size is stated in the description and the color is displayed on the pictures. However, if you do not check the size on your own and just assume the product should fit, you will get the size wrong as every manufacturer makes the twin / full / queen / king size differently. Every window has a different size so don’t assume the curtains will definitely fit unless you measure your window before making a purchase. If your window is 50”W, usually you need two curtains that measure 50”W each to achieve the double fullness effect otherwise the curtains will look flat and cheap. Every country also has different queen / king sizes as well. Furthermore, if you cannot understand that every computer screen displays the same color differently, it is recommended that you purchase products from a local retail store. Although we try to take product pictures carefully, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.



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We accept Visa, MasterCard, as well American Express and a portion of the sales goes to helping animal charities. 


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